iPads in the Classroom

​Good Shepherd Drives Innovation and Creativity with iPad

Education is very different for the 21st Century learner.  The process is often valued far more than the end product.  Creativity, problem solving, ethical decision making, community conscience and collaboration are attributes that are highly valued in today's society.  The skills highlighted above are all skills that will be developed throughout the student's primary education, further extended in secondary education and used effectively in both tertiary education and the workforce.  

Good Shepherd School credits its established one-to-one iPad, as a 2015 initiative, which has since pivoted smoothly into the Alternative Education Provision during 2020 with learning from home occurring with the global COVID-19 pandemic.  Creative learning and the redesigning of tasks using the SAMR Model is a standard practice across the school.

​Good Shepherd's students have the right and the capacity to learn, no matter what challenges they may be facing.  iPads allow our students to think outside of the box  - they can redesign on their own terms.  It gives our students the freedom to explore and express their ideas in the way that makes the best sense to them, whether it is writing, as an audio report, via a video presentation, or even an animation that they create themselves.

Agents of Innovation

​The creativity of our students, as agents of innovation, is evident through the sharing of their own passions, and interests.  The contemporary learning environment, provides the students with opportunities to share their talents and strengths.

Students are exposed to self-directed learning, inviting them to showcase their talents by selecting research topics accessing Keynote, iMovie, Pages, Text to Speech, and stop-motion animation, sharing their findings on topics as wide-ranging as History, Great Barrier Reef, painter Vincent Van Gogh, Climate Change etc.

During lockdown, students used apps to create digital learning portfolios and shared them with their teachers via Teams, OneNote or OneDrive.​

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