Principal's Welcome

Judith Anne Seery.jpgGood Shepherd Catholic Primary School Community, Springfield Lakes welcomes you to our website. Good Shepherd, a Brisbane Catholic Archdiocesan School, commenced in 2013 as a Twenty-First Century Contemporary Catholic School. Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Brisbane has a proud tradition stretching back to the early 1850's and is a story of courage, sacrifice, struggle, vision, commitment and above all of faith and trust in God. Catholic education in Queensland and across Australia owes a great deal to those who have gone before us, who worked, to provide excellent Catholic education to young people.


Our contemporary ​learning approach at Good Shepherd, is personalised, responding to the learning needs, interests, and experiences of each student. Contemporary learning is different from the way many parents of today's students were taught. It offers teachers and learners many more options than the old textbook driven approach to teaching. Contemporary learning aims to empower learners with the knowledge, skills and capacities to respond creatively to the challenges of their world.


Learners thrive in our safe, supportive and secure learning environments. Our flexible and intentionally developed learning environments encourages a sense of belonging and purpose that strengthens the learning culture. Good Shepherd learning environments are stimulating and appropriately resourced. They promote high expectations and respect diversity and difference, facilitating learning for all learners. Adaptive learning environments have no conventional boundaries due to being digital, connected to the world beyond the classroom.


Our learning environments are named after Saints (St Francis of Assisi, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, St Ignatius of Loyola, Blessed Nano Nagle and St Hildegard von Bingen). Learners are recognised as belonging to these named environments of learning by the Saint's name and not to the traditional Year Level.


Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy is the Patroness of Good Shepherd . The Sisters of Mercy were responsible for the foundation of schools in the western corridor from Brisbane to Ipswich from the late 1800's. Good Shepherd is situated within the western corridor.  As a school community we continue to strive to live out the Mercy charism (Compassion, Justice, Respect, Hospitality, Service, Courage) and ethos in the context of the world our students are living in now, priding ourselves on the spirit of welcome and hospitality.


As a Catholic school, we are called to be real and living expressions of the church's pastoral mission in the world. Our Mission is to be a place of 'the New Evangelisation' and to proclaim and give witness to Jesus Christ. As a Catholic school, we nurture our learners in their lifelong journey in faith and help them develop as mature people empowered to shape and enrich the world by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.


Good Shepherd supports learners and their families in connecting with Catholic traditions and accessing the richness of our shared faith and spiritual heritage. Through quality Religious Education, rich experiences of prayer and celebration, engagement in social action and justice, learners are supported in developing their relationship with God and responding to the experience and action of God in their own lives. Good Shepherd's Way of Being Community is a prototype of and an acknowledgement of Catholic Identity. Good Shepherd's community value the eleven statements that make up Good Shepherd's Way of Being Community.


Pope Francis' visible commitment to Christ's humility, love and compassion are well known, as are his joy and tenderness. We take courage and aspire to follow his example as we relate to our young people, opening up with them the treasures of deep and rich learning… developing each day the knowledge, understanding and skills that are essential for meaningful and fruitful living in this digital age.


Good Shepherd's staff share common hopes and expectations with families who want their children to become independent, confident and well-balanced young persons who are eager, competent learners. They work together to prepare children for living a productive and meaningful life. Above all, Good Shepherd staff strive to develop our learner's faith, spirituality, life-giving values, and a clear sense of giving a greater meaning and purpose to all that they do.  Families and staff want learners to be people of integrity.


Good Shepherd's motto, “Called by Name", depicts a community where everyone is known by their baptismal name, and are known as an individual person, respected, and valued. The motto proclaims a community where all belong, are included, and connect with each other. The motto signifies the call by God to be people of respect, hope, faith, love, and reconciliation. The community is called to be a sacramental people and challenged to live out the gospel values. Good Shepherd's logo symbolises the call and connectedness in Jesus, the Good Shepherd.


As Principal, I look forward to meeting you in the future and hope that you will take the time to journey with us through Good Shepherd's website.  The website offers an opportunity to take time to explore and discover the information that we have provided for you.  


Blessings from Good Shepherd.


Judith Anne Seery - Principal