School Values

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School at Springfield Lakes will build a learning community by drawing from the values of the Gospel, as shown through the life and teaching of Jesus the Good Shepherd, in particular:

  • Respect – dignity of individuals and all creation
  • Faith – trust in God
  • Hope – in transformational and sustainable futures
  • Love – forgiveness, compassion, inclusiveness and belonging

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School will be a place where we live out these values through:

  • Liturgy, prayer, ritual and symbol
  • Practices of acceptance and reconciliation
  • Practices and structures that promote well-being and social justice
  • Opportunities for evangelisation
  • Supporting the learning of each individual consistently, explicitly and creatively
  • Having high expectations for all
  • Engagement in genuine conversation, reflection, and active listening
  • Promoting creativity and sustainability
  • Communion with others, the land, Father, Son & Spirit
  • Witnessing faith through charity and social justice

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School at Springfield Lakes is a ministry of the local church and collaborates with Our Lady of the Southern Cross Parish, Greater Springfield, other Archdiocesan agencies and community/government agencies to serve the Springfield community.