Our Staff

Principal ​Ms Judith Anne Seery
​Assistant Principal Religious Education ​Mrs Terese Shephard
​Primary Learning Leader Mrs Lesley Parry
​Parish Priest ​Rev Mauro Conte
​Office Manager ​Mrs Chris Wilson
​Finance Secretary ​Mrs Anita Gabbett
​School Secretary ​Mrs Kathryn Kummerehl

Assisi Exploring Place (Prep)
Mrs Brigid Hollis and Ms Emily Pignalosa


MacKillop Discovery Place (Year 1)
Mrs Renee Moore and Ms Ginette Lalieu


Ignatius Designing Place (Years 2-6)

(Year 2) Mrs Jenny Collins and Mrs Mel Hoskins

(Years 3/4/5) Ms Melissa Korini-Blackwood, Mrs Jess Peterson/Mrs Bec Sippel and Ms Kathy Allan

(Year 6)  Mrs Robyn Taber  

​School Officers

​Mrs Julie Flynn

Mrs Sue Randle

Ms Emily Davison

Ms Claudia Cueva

Ms Mino Tsuchiya

Ms Keely Thompson

Ms Lisa Rosenthal

Mr David Pilgrim

​Guidance Counsellor ​Ms Rebecca Thompson
​ESL Teacher ​Ms Debbie Morrow
​Support to Learn Teacher ​n/a
​Groundsman ​Mr Lindsay Mitchell
​Mercy Hospitality Centre/Uniform Shop Convenor ​Mr David Pilgrim