Our Staff


​Ms Judith Anne Seery

​Assistant Principal Religious Education (Acting)

​Mr James Bradley

​Primary Learning Leader

​Mrs Lesley Parry

​Parish Priest

​Rev Mauro Conte

​Office Manager

​Mrs Chris Wilson

​Finance Secretary

​Mrs Anita Gabbett

​School Secretary

​Mrs Kathryn Kummerehl


Assisi Exploring Place (Prep)

Mrs Claudia Cuminao, Mrs Rebecca Bevan and Ms Emily Pignalosa

MacKillop Discovery Place (Year 1)

Mrs Renee Moore and Ms Kathryn Allan

Nagle Creating Place (Year 2)

Mrs Mel Hoskins and Mr Joshua Wardell 

Ignatius Designing Place (Years 3-6)

Year 3 - Ms Melissa Korini-Blackwood, Mrs Andrea Emerton

Year 4 - Mrs Rebecca Sippel and Mrs Kath O'Brien

Years 5/6 - Mrs Robyn Taber and Mrs Jennifer Collins

​School Officers

Mrs Sue Randle

Ms Emily Davison

Ms Claudia Cueva

Ms Keely Thompson

Mr David Pilgrim

Mrs Margie Brennan

Mrs Nadine Francis

Mrs Rebecca Seng

​Guidance Counsellor

​Ms Rebecca Thompson

​ESL Teacher

​Ms Debbie Morrow

​Support to Learn Teacher



​Mr Lindsay Mitchell

​Mercy Hospitality Centre/Uniform Shop Convenor

Mr David Pilgrim